Church Communications

Facebook's New Video Format

April 25, 2018 Episode 62
Church Communications
Facebook's New Video Format
Church Communications
Facebook's New Video Format
Apr 25, 2018 Episode 62
Katie Allred and Darrel Girardier
Show Notes
Today’s sponsor is TourchPoint. TouchPoint is a church management system built by the church for the church. They are an online church management platform and mobile app designed to work together to keep your church connected at any time, and any place.

The newly relaunched TouchPoint mobile app enables church staff, lay leaders, and members to manage giving, check in for classes and small group, update their contact information, stream sermon audio and video, register for events, receive messages, complete ministry tasks, schedule marketing messages, and more. And because the app integrates with your TouchPoint database, your members’ contact information is correct and up to date.

The mission at TouchPoint is to eliminate the need for numerous point solutions and free you from data silos. They want you to see disciples, not data.

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